I missed blogspot

I missed blogspot. I missed the informality of it, I find that wordpress feels so formal, like how if I mentioned cheese randomly, I'd be shunned off the earth. Therefore I'm going to blog here from now on, about various goals and things. It feels so much nicer, and friendlier.

Wordpress is somewhat like the person you're trying to impress, whereas blogspot is like that person you're most comfortable with, who you'd go to for hugs, and to say what the matter is. Granted, I don't go to blogspot for hugs, I have Dylan for that, but alas you get the idea.

I realise I should be doing this rather asshat assignment, but I worked on it for 5 hours earlier and I just need a break before I throw the laptop at the wall and demand presently inaccessible hugs.

Hugs are awesome.


I'm going to the drive in movies with Dylan and friends on Friday night, which is another goal. I'm excited, haven't been for almost a year, and exciting things happen when I go to the drive in movies.

Other goals? Well, I've got tickets to a school performance of My Fair Lady, which I suppose coincides with 'Attend a musical'. Somehow it took no convincing to get Dylan to come with, which means he has no idea what My Fair Lady is. It's almost like the time he didn't know what Twilight was. Oh how I wish that were me.

He's so going to read this.

I have decided May shall be the month I go without fast food, as this is a goal. I chose May for its 31 day length, see, it's a day trickier than April, and a few days trickier than February. The only permissible fast food is things like Sushi and Subway because they aren't all too bad, and I need to eat dinner on a Tuesday night before Dylan's basketball game and Subway tends to be the best option. It's the ones like McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc that I'm avoiding.

I think I've said enough, before I write a novel. Yay, blogspot!

Note: this is a very old blog missing all its old posts and gaining new ones. Get excited!

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