Things Katrina is bad at: BEDA

Ok, so I missed two days and I d on't know how to make this up for the missing days because, well, it's hard to get back those two days. Plus, I don't think I'll be able to blog on Saturday, and this is a rather busy month for me, or at least I like to think so.

Anyway, so I was busy doing other such things like playing tennis, working, doing things with my boyfriend. Things of an explicit nature, that is. Oh, and other things too. So because of this I just didn't blog. Which I think is quite terrible because it's only the fourth of August today, and it's not like I even made it beyond the first day of blogging, but I'm at least going to make it for a Blog Every Day I Possibly Can month. BEDIPC. It's complicated, but that's how it has to be.

The past couple of days I haven't blogged have been quite excellent, everything that happened was wonderful. We ate spaghetti bolognaise for dinner one night which is most certainly my favourite dish to eat at home so that went splendidly.

Did I tell you I got tickets to see Birds of Tokyo again? 3rd time we'll be seeing them, and it shall be excellent since they've released yet another stunning album.

Oh, and I completed the goal to do laser tag which I was rather horrendous at when we did laser tag at time zone the other night, but surprise surprise Dylan got the most amount of points, because he's amazing.


BEDA: August 1

I haven't blogged in about 50 billion years, but I've chosen to do BEDA as part of my goals list which I'm going to revamp anyway, but alas I'm going to give this a good go. I remember attempting to do this last year and got about five days in before I forgot to blog or just ran out of things to say.

What have I been up to?

Well, yesterday I went for a run in the first time ever, not counting those times during school where they run behind you whipping your legs if you don't go fast enough. Perhaps an exaggerations but you know that's what it felt like back in the day. Unless you're Dylan, then you don't know. :P

Today I went for a two hour bike ride, so now my legs are quite dead and my arms are going to fall off. I've also been swimming 50m laps of the local pool and generally being a fit sort of person.

As far as the links to BEDA go, I haven't really been paying much attention to the nerdfighter stuff that's been going on but I am still quite the nerd, so not much has changed in that department. I'm just a little bit fitter. Well, a lot fitter. Yay for exercise.

I'm going to add goals to, because it's the ultimate goal site in my opinion and will probably be better. Some of the goals I have in this project are still things I want to achieve, but there are other things I want to achieve as well, such as move out, run a km without falling to pieces, and other such things like this. Oh, and buy a bed for moving out, because my back hates me right now and the bed doesn't help.

Anywho, I'll leave it at that for today or I'm going to come on tomorrow and be all, 'Hi....I have nothing to sayyyyy'

Farewell and see you tomorrow.

I won!

Yes. It is official. I beat Dylan at tennis. Woo!

The games we play are, best of five, best of 3, so I won 3-0, 3-2. It was excellent. I had a great deal of energy with which to do this and he was defeated even after I'd been on a long bike ride. hehe. Pro! If you have seen the height of my boyfriend, and in turn the length with which he can reach whilst playing tennis, then you will surely be amazed at my fantastic win. :P

So, that's another goal down, making my total up to 23, so more than 1/5 of the way there, which isn't too bad.

Also, will be seeing a school performance of My Fair Lady on Friday, so that'll be another one down. Woot!

Oh, and seeing Birds of Tokyo in just over a week which is very exciting because they're amazing. :D

Stranded at the drive in...

unnecessarily quoting Grease...

So, I went to the drive in movies and saw Iron Man 2, and also paid to see Clash of the Titans, but lying down on a picnic blanket, resting my head on Dylan's chest, underneath a sleeping bag kind of got the better of me so I missed just about all of that film when I succumbed to sleep. I remember seeing someone that I thought was Orlando Bloom but it was Luke Evans which is good because apparently this Luke Evans fellow only appeared for a few minutes, and it would have been a disappointing film if Orlando Bloom appeared for only a few minutes. If you catch my drift. I don't even particularly like Orlando Bloom anymore, but he has an interesting name.

Anywho, drive in movies was lovely, a little cold but lovely all the same.

As far as not eating fast food for a month goes, we'll ignore the existence of that goal for now due to various fails and it only being the 5th. I'm not even that bad, I swear, it's just, er, I don't know. I'm really good at dieting. I just do it so well *cough*

I got tigger pyjamas!

Oh, and in my quest to beat Dylan at tennis, I have been prevented doing so by rain, public holidays, rain, a bit more rain, Dylan having a random prac at Uni, and probably more rain. It's been about four weeks since we've played and I've probably forgotten how to by now. A bit of an exaggeration but still, I was getting closer to defeating him! He's not easy to defeat, he can reach twice as far as me, his arms are that long, and he can reach the ball so much further if it's above his head. I shall succeed though, and that shall be a brilliant day!

I shall not bore you with other news presently, I'll do that tomorrow. Or in a week.

I missed blogspot

I missed blogspot. I missed the informality of it, I find that wordpress feels so formal, like how if I mentioned cheese randomly, I'd be shunned off the earth. Therefore I'm going to blog here from now on, about various goals and things. It feels so much nicer, and friendlier.

Wordpress is somewhat like the person you're trying to impress, whereas blogspot is like that person you're most comfortable with, who you'd go to for hugs, and to say what the matter is. Granted, I don't go to blogspot for hugs, I have Dylan for that, but alas you get the idea.

I realise I should be doing this rather asshat assignment, but I worked on it for 5 hours earlier and I just need a break before I throw the laptop at the wall and demand presently inaccessible hugs.

Hugs are awesome.


I'm going to the drive in movies with Dylan and friends on Friday night, which is another goal. I'm excited, haven't been for almost a year, and exciting things happen when I go to the drive in movies.

Other goals? Well, I've got tickets to a school performance of My Fair Lady, which I suppose coincides with 'Attend a musical'. Somehow it took no convincing to get Dylan to come with, which means he has no idea what My Fair Lady is. It's almost like the time he didn't know what Twilight was. Oh how I wish that were me.

He's so going to read this.

I have decided May shall be the month I go without fast food, as this is a goal. I chose May for its 31 day length, see, it's a day trickier than April, and a few days trickier than February. The only permissible fast food is things like Sushi and Subway because they aren't all too bad, and I need to eat dinner on a Tuesday night before Dylan's basketball game and Subway tends to be the best option. It's the ones like McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc that I'm avoiding.

I think I've said enough, before I write a novel. Yay, blogspot!

Note: this is a very old blog missing all its old posts and gaining new ones. Get excited!